Let it be known...

...that I'm posting 1432.16 minutes of running (on 14 runs)  and 300 minutes of walking to the Warrior Board for March. Let it also be known that I stole that sentence unabashedly from Lance Armstrong, in what has to be the funniest series of commercials ever made - the other two are here and here. Let it also be known that I am very happy with the way March went, despite wimping out of more than a few runs - once for rain, twice because I felt I needed an extra recovery day after a weekend long run, and once because I just didn't feel like getting out of a perfectly warm bed at 4:20a.m. Let it also be known that, and this is from personal experience, while it may be fun to start every sentence with "Let it be known", one's spouse may tire of the game quickly.

The 100km run we're getting ready for is now only 40 days away. On Saturday I decided to run 50km, and felt strong throughout. With no tapering, no pre-run carbo load, a bagel, a banana, a box of chocolate almonds, some Gatorade, a few bathroom breaks, and a few km of walking mixed in, I finished in 4:42. I'm still trying to find a pace I feel I can hold for the full 100km, but was buoyed by the fact that I felt I had at least another 20km at the pace I ran on Saturday in me.

We've had ideal running weather in Seoul over the past few weeks, that one day of rain notwithstanding. Breezy blue skies, morning temperatures around 5 or 6 degrees, the hills surrounding the city beginning to green deeply and trees and flowers blooming - very pleasant indeed.

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