Real Men of BAMFness: Thomas Sanchez

Bloggy drought over. At least for today.

As mentioned before, I have no compunction about borrowing freely from the blogs and websites of others. It seems almost an inherent right in a [cyber]world where I can skulk stalk peruse the photo albums of strangers, read the innermost ramblings of people I've never met, and be connected by blogroll to folks living their lives in whatever cockamamie or inspiring way they choose.

I have been reading Jordan Rapp's blog since he started dominating the world of triathlon. I don't do triathlons, but that doesn't matter. I've never met the man and am unlikely ever to, but no matter. I can definitely appreciate his insight and his dedication to his pursuit of excellence. And he's funny, posting sporadically a series he calls Real Men of BAMFness.

A week ago, while out on a training ride, Rapp was a victim of a hit and run, left unconscious and bleeding heavily on the side of the road. As recounted here, a few bystanders called 911, but U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Thomas Sanchez jumped into action. Working with some gauze from a combat vest in his car, Sanchez staunched the flow of blood from two severed jugular veins in Rapp's neck until paramedics arrived.

Because Rapp didn't die on the road...
because you humbly give credit to the paramedics who arrived after you did and the doctors at the hospital for saving Rapp's life...
because you keep a combat vest in your car...

CPO Thomas Sanchez, you, sir, are a serious BAMF.