Making a list

In no particular order, here's how I know that this was a fantastic Christmas...
1. I spent the morning on the webcam with my wonderful family, spread liberally across four Canadian provinces, all of whom looked healthy, well, and downright festive.
2. I got some great books from the fat, ruddy-nosed, present-giving gnome. My presents to me. Deanna also bought me some books I can't wait to devour, and will set about doing so over the remaining sixteen days of this vacation.
3. In keeping with tradition, I ate enough for a Korean family of four.
4. I slept the early part of the afternoon away. And not one of those "close your eyes for a few minutes while slouching on the couch" naps. A real nap - an "in bed, clothes off, curtains drawn, telephone unplugged" nap.
5. We watched a few episodes of The West Wing, the apogee of small-screen evolution, one of only two series (Six Feet Under) I would even consider watching again in their entirety. Which I've done, working now on my third time with those zany senior staffers.
6. I received some very nice holiday wishes from friends near and far.
7. I went for a run. Outside. Wearing shorts. On the 25th of December. 
8. My amazing wife made me laugh, many times.


Going dark

That is, if Bourne spent less time running through dangerous places and doing other cool spy stuff, and more time changing the template on his blog from the white background to the black one.


Training Break #9

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can.
- R.W. Emerson