The other thing I do with my legs.


Looking forward

2009 saw some wonderful running moments, from two cracks at 100km to sharing in the great successes and triumphs of friends. Deanna set PBs all over the place and continued to be my Running Muse. Some days I ran well, others not. 

SBRC members near and far accomplished much; the highly-anticipated Bassies are currently under deliberation at the Home Office. If I can keep my nose out of any of the billions of books we seemed to accrue over the holidays, final decisions will be made shortly. Winners will be notified by carrier pigeon.

Last year at this time, I set time and training distance goals for the months to follow, some of which I met, others I didn't even approach. I think I even realized at the time the potential for invoking some manner of self-hex, to rile the twin trolls of Hubris and Folly, but opened my big mouth anyway. For 2010, I'm taking a less detail-oriented approach, and hope only for a great year of running. With one ultra in Europe already committed to, and two more in Korea in the works, I hope to push myself past the limits I set last year.