A Lee Sandwich on Jurek and Girard Bread

Going for my daily spin through the websites I like to haunt, I see that multidays.com has redesigned their site. Perhaps by using one of those fancy reverse-algorithmic thingys, they seem to have discovered that I had added a link to their site from here. And so they have responded in kind, placing me alphabetically on their blogroll between Scott Jurek and Serge Girard, two of the greatest ultrarunners ever. Hands down the best cyber-stalking result I've had, next to finding a picture on Facebook of a fantastically bouffant Deanna, circa 1990.

I'm six runs back into it, after almost seven weeks off. My heel doesn't quite feel normal, just rusty, and thankfully is pain-free. I'm easing back in, nothing fast (speaking in relative terms of "fast for me", which is a brisk walk for many) and so far nothing more than an hour. After this weekend's action, I'll post some numbers here, as I had instinctively gone back to the paper on the fridge. I did decide to complete my registration for the Seoul Marathon in mid-March by sending those fine folks some cash, cutting my usual 16 week program in half, and altering my goal from sub-3:30 to not finishing after the course closes.

Erratum: It was brought to my attention recently that a goodly number of Sea Bass members live in Calgary, which nestles into the foothills of the picturesque Rockies at an elevation of 1048m. I'm officially adjusting the criterion to snag the prestigious Lungfish Bassie to 2000m, as it seems unfair that one may technically earn the award by going on a slurpee run.

Happy New Year, or as is said in these parts, 새해 복 많이 받으세요!