Making a list

In no particular order, here's how I know that this was a fantastic Christmas...
1. I spent the morning on the webcam with my wonderful family, spread liberally across four Canadian provinces, all of whom looked healthy, well, and downright festive.
2. I got some great books from the fat, ruddy-nosed, present-giving gnome. My presents to me. Deanna also bought me some books I can't wait to devour, and will set about doing so over the remaining sixteen days of this vacation.
3. In keeping with tradition, I ate enough for a Korean family of four.
4. I slept the early part of the afternoon away. And not one of those "close your eyes for a few minutes while slouching on the couch" naps. A real nap - an "in bed, clothes off, curtains drawn, telephone unplugged" nap.
5. We watched a few episodes of The West Wing, the apogee of small-screen evolution, one of only two series (Six Feet Under) I would even consider watching again in their entirety. Which I've done, working now on my third time with those zany senior staffers.
6. I received some very nice holiday wishes from friends near and far.
7. I went for a run. Outside. Wearing shorts. On the 25th of December. 
8. My amazing wife made me laugh, many times.

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