Let me preface this post with the fact that, yes, I know this has nothing to do with my running. But I find myself with idle time, a few days left in Spring Break, having just turned the last truly dreadful page of the latest novel in the Jason Bourne series [he speaks at least seven languages to the level of native fluency, is a master of disguise, defeats two Iranian fighter jets while piloting a private jet through the valleys of Afghanistan, kills at least nineteen bad guys with his bare hands, and defeats the mastermind behind a worldwide terror network in a hotly contested best-of-seven match to the death of Rock-Paper-Scissors. OK, I may have made one of those up].

While wandering around the Interweb a few days ago, I saw that someone had links on their blog to the blogs of others with the same name. While my name is undeniably rare, I was able to unearth a few more of me - the former Major League Baseball all-time saves leader, a prolific novelist and O. Henry Award winner, an Academy Award-nominated film editor, the drummer for the band currently at the forefront of the burgeoning Bulgarian Surf movement, and some English rugby player with the inexplicable nickname of Alan. There may even be more of me, but I thought that five fetches were enough for now.

My legs have felt a bit heavy and stiff the last few mornings. They are bound to feel even more so after this weekend, when Deanna and I head to Busan to explore the mountain paths and beach trails along the south coast.

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