Plenty of fish in the sea

Schedules have been drawn up. A race has been chosen. The running store has been visited. Excitement everywhere. Not much left to do but run and think of fresh fish puns.

Though they are technically not yet members, Sea Bass [Far East Chapter] is excited to welcome my colleagues - Meyer, Shaw, McCord, and Carver (no first names required, just like Beckham) to the ranks.


Nicole Lee McCord said...

so Smith... what kind of drink would that be? latte or americano? I even have Deanna's too. :-D Hey what can I say... I'm stoked about fishies in the sea!

Lauren's Dad said...

From the Official Canadian Prairie Chapter (and also the Retired Sea Bass Members Club) welcome to one of the most prestigious and renowned running groups in the world. If you are ever in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, I will gladly show you where the aimless running in circles around the bridges began what is now an international sensation. Welcome all.

As Lee's little brother, and as one of the founding member (so no seniority rights apply), if we are going by last names, how will be able to determine which Smith is being referenced? We both run like gazelles, have endless energy, have lost toe nails due to running, violated the river banks of Saskatoon and are totally cool.

Are we Smith 1 and Smith 2? Smith Active and Smith Retired? Smith and Big Smith (me)? We could be Smith and iSmith (like iPod, iphone, iTunes)

As the Sea Bass grow we will need to figure this out as we are bound to get more Smiths and probably some more Meyers, Shaws, McCords, and Carvers - it would be pretty sweet if we had Smith 44 and Meyers 9. What do the Howards do on this one? Boy Howard 1 and Girl Howard 1?

Perhaps we need and AGM to figure this out. I propose this takes place on the Disney Magic Cruise departing October 24 from Orlando. See you all there.

Big Retired Smith

Rebecca Meyer said...

Like Beckham, or like Prince. The artist formally known as.
I want to be called Prince. Not Meyer.