Han River path

Last weekend was our penultimate long, long run weekend before a much-anticipated two week taper. We left the house early on Saturday, then ran the morning away. I ran 50km in 4:32, then took a popsicle/bathroom/stretch the hammies/down a Snickers/liberally reapply the sunscreen break before running and walking another 90 minutes. I reckon I hit 60km-ish, and was happy with the effort.

More importantly, I was exceedingly proud of Deanna, who officially unofficially ran her first ultra, as she too ran for the six hours. She, however, had the gall to look like she had energy to spare when we met at the end, as opposed to me, who looked and felt like the proverbial canine's nether regions.

After a very long hiatus, Deanna put some photos of last weekend's sojourn to Busan on OOFALWO. 

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