- Just spent an hour in skypey conversation with Anna, Marshall, and some oldies in Calgary. Two-thirds (soon to be two-fifths) of the World's Most Adorable Nieces and Nephews. This tidbit posted here (running-related drivel) rather than OOFALWO (general Korea-living drivel) because a few times Marshall went blurring past the web-cam like Dash from The Incredibles.

- Have only been for one run in the last week, and the left knee still felt tender. Will give it a few more days of ice and rest, then have a nice conversation with it about doing the 100km run, now only 13 days away.

- Don't want to embarrass anyone from the legal department, but Sea Bass is 38 pounds lighter than it was January 1st, and I'm very proud of my little brother.

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Lauren's Dad said...

33 after the skag demolition accomplished at the 2 day NFL draft.