February numbers

February was an excellent month - mostly pleasant weather, a good routine with three short weekday runs and one longer weekend slog, plenty of walking, and even a little bit of stretching. Final numbers see 1275.44 minutes on seventeen runs, plus another 390 minutes of walking. I only skipped one scheduled run, but managed to lay on the couch until the guilt abated.

Next weekend we'll join about 21000 of our closest friends for the Seoul Marathon. Last year's edition was a great time, due in most part to being joined by Chris and Ali. Despite our pleas to continue the streak this year, Ali decided to follow the advice of her obstinate obstetrician and forego the twenty hours of travel time required to get here from Calgary. Since she's got identical twinlets in there, we'll let it slide for now. Next year, she better come up with a decent excuse.

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