Eyes on the prize

An excellent photo of Mr. A4748 as he covers the last few hundred paces of the race on the track in Olympic Stadium. Immediately off his right shoulder, that haggard chap casts a glance into the bleachers for either an oxygen mask or a giant, frosty can of Dr. Pepper, both of which he looks like he needed.

Allegedly, photographic evidence of Deanna's run exists too. Knowing me as she does, I opened my email at lunchtime to this, verbatim and unmistakable in tone: I do not give you permission to put my photo on your blog. Not much room for interpretation there.

And while no photographic evidence (that I have) exists, Greg had an eventful time in Hangzhou. From cobbled-together post-race email reports of dehydrated teenagers, muddy mountain trails, wrong turns taken, diesel fumes, and idyllic temples, it sounds like the ready-for-boar, tonic-drinkin', Snickers-eatin' runnin' fool had a fine day.


Lauren's Dad said...

As the lawyer in the family, it appears there is some ambiguity in Deanna's request. Which marathon? Which photo? Which I is she referring to?

I think you would be Ok to post. The case of Bungleshesiser v. Dummkopf, 1998 SKCA 223, clearly indicates that a spouse's declarations, post run (including up to one week after) can not be given weight and are not admissible as evidence. I am not sure if this counts in Korea, but you should be OK.

Lee said...

I like the way you think, Young Esquire. Always find the loophole.

And I'm pretty sure the Bungleshesiser precedent supersedes any Korean legal-wranglings. Plus, the Korean stuff tends to be written in Korean, which, as we all know, is much less legally binding than the non-Korean, especially as it heretofore forthwith applies ad aeterno to all correspndence henceforth and retroactively published in the blogosphere.