This little piggy

It looks like we'll be facing a touch of inclement weather this weekend. The rains rolled in just in time for this morning's commute, and the forecast calls for more bluster on Sunday. In the summer, I usually don't mind running in the rain, but with a race-start temperature likely around 2 degrees, plus the expected 40km/h winds, it could be a chilly morning.

But I count us lucky. With only Mother Nature to contend with, we have nothing on our friend Greg. This Sunday finds him in the woolly wilds of the Middle Kingdom to run the Hangzhou Mountain Marathon. Meteorologists there have also promised wind and rain, while race organizers have advised runners to carry a sharp stick, lest they meet up with a porcine 朋友 on the trails. And for once, Greg's years of whittlin' pay off.

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