Spinny McSpindleshanks

This weekend saw Seoul basking in ideal running weather - highs around 8 degrees, bright blue skies, and a bit of a breeze. Just for gits and shiggles, I decided to do my 180 minute run on a 400m outdoor track. I've read of many timed events, from six up to 48 hours, done on indoor tracks, and wanted to try to get a sense of the mindset this would require.

I started counter-clockwise, switched after an hour to clockwise, then after 120 minutes back to the way I started. After two and a half hours, I felt dizzy, which really was an odd sensation given that I was hardly running a tight circle, was getting plenty of fresh air, and was nowhere close to setting any land speed records. I was going to try and just stick it out until the end, but thankfully Deanna came by and I joined her on the paths of the mighty Han for the last thirty minutes or so.

All this to say that I now have an even deeper respect for those ultrarunners who compete and excel in the track races. I'll take the non-vertigo option anyday.

I meant to add up the February numbers to post here today, but forgot. It will have to wait until I get home and get off The Company dime.

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