Dust on the rust on the lead in my legs

Borneo was all we had hoped for and more. Deanna and I will be posting our chronicles at OOFALWO over the next few weeks, so that's the place to read of our [mis]adventures. As for running, well, let's just say that I was in an extended period of active recovery. That sounds much better than admitting that I was in holiday mode, when bad spy fiction and naps on the beach took precedence over logging some miles. The Warrior Board for June shows 99.10 minutes on three runs, and a whole pile of untimed walking - on mountain trails, in Malaysian national parks, around (and around, and around) tiny idyllic islands, and through pleasant cities.

The Incheon Bridge marathon we had hoped to do in September as a tune-up for the 100km run in October has been postponed, to the same day we will be doing the 100km run. So that's out, but I will try to find an alternative in late August or early September. The ultra is now fourteen and a half weeks away, which hopefully is enough time for my legs and me to get back on amicable terms. 

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