May ended like it started, with me resting and nursing sore parts, but did include three runs for 966.15 and 600 minutes of walking. I'll need to get my hip sorted out quickly, as the marathon in September and then the YeongDong 100km Ultra on October 10th loom large.

According to the latest edition of the British Journal of Medicine, the best remedy for a dodgy hip is to begin an immediate eight week summer vacation, with the first three weeks spent beach-laying, tandoori-eating, giant turtle-watching, and hanging out with the likes of this Iban headhunter in the wild climes of Sarawak. I'll work today, since I'm already in the building, but then this sounds like the kind of medical advice I can get behind, starting 474 minutes from now.

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Lauren's Dad said...

That last big run aged you significantly. Unreal.