We are now only four days away from the run on Ganghwado. It hasn't been the most textbook of tapers, as I've only run three times in the last seventeen days, then spent this weekend fighting off a nasty stomach bug. My last run, all 19 minutes of it, was a week ago, and my knee would abide no more. Buoyed by the eternally positive and optimistic Deanna, I'm hoping that we actually managed to get the bulk of the training we had hoped for done before the knee issues arose. I'm also hoping that whatever is going on with my leg is from overuse, and that these last few weeks of ice, ibuprofen, and rest have been more beneficial than padding the monthly totals (1430.08 minutes on 14 runs, plus 865 minutes walking in April).

The plan for Saturday is to do a lot of walking, then run five minute blocks, slowly, as often as I can. Fortunately, my knee hasn't been hurting too badly when I walk, making the worst case for Ganghwado then 100000 metres of walking. We have 16 hours to get it done, so I'll push as far and as long as I prudently can. Perhaps not the 100km debut I feel I'm capable of doing (knee notwithstanding), but there will be many more races to run. Knee pain or not, I am very excited for the experience of my first overnight run and the opportunity to push myself through some discomfort. And for the box of Costco cookies I plan to devour within hours of crossing the finish line.

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