Who wears short shorts?

I wear short shorts. Starting this morning. Hopefully both winter and the winter running pants are done for the year. The humidity is starting to creep up, which may mean some spring showers soon.

I seem to have settled into a nice routine this month. Four runs, one of them long, a day to do some arm-pumpin', sweatband-wearin' walking for recovery, a few trips to the gym for weights, and two days off to make sure the mighty Achilles doesn't get agitated again. Weekday runs done between 4:45 and 5-ish minutes/km, and the long weekend run up around 5:30/km. The plan is to post numbers here at mid- and end-month. History has shown, however, that I am much better at making plans than following through with them [see: scuttled attempts to learn Russian, become a veterinarian or the Crown Prince of Denmark, grow my fingernails longer than a metre, and the like].

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